Hollyoaks cast: New, leaving and returning characters - Flick Price (2023)

LIFE in Chester has been nothing short of explosive as 2023 first began.

And with plenty of fresh drama ahead, here’s your guide to all the comings and goings in Hollyoaks.

Owen Warner comes back to HollyoaksLIME PICTURES

Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner) – returned

Hollyoaks viewers will remember Romeo Nightingale told his sister Juliet he was planning on leaving the village in pursuit of his girlfriend Theresa.

The latter had previously moved to Spain, realising she wasn’t happy in Chester.

Romeo followed through with his plan, departing the eponymous village in December, 2022.

The storyline allowed actor Owen Warner to focus on his stint in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The soap star was one of many celebrities to jet off to Australia and even became a runner-up in the program before heading back to Hollyoaks.

This years, new romance could be in the cards for Romeo as he gets to know newcomers Lacey and Rayne.

Could Theresa still be in the picture?

LIME PICTURESBobby’s crimes were finally uncovered[/caption]

Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) – leaving?

As one of the main villains of 2022, Bobby Costello seemed undefeatable due to his young age.

But Goldie McQueen eventually saw right through him and uncovered all of his crimes.

Hollyoaks fans will remember that Bobby is responsible for multiple deaths in the village and even tried to get rid of Felix Westwood when he got too close to Mercedes McQueen.

Bobby was recently turned into the police by DeMarcus Westwood for setting Price Slice ablaze – which prompted the youngster to admit he murdered Verity Hutchinson.

The young boy left his mother Mercedes shocked beyond words as he was charged and jailed for decades for his actions.

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Is this the end of the road for Bobby?

LIME PICTURESThe serial killer got a taste of his own medicine[/caption]

Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) – left

Shockingly, one of Bobby’s main victims was none other than serial killer Silas Blissett, his own grandfather.

The criminal returned to Hollyoaks in late 2022, ready to wreak more havoc and cause trouble for the McQueens.

Unfortunately for him, Silas was beaten at his own game by Bobby.

Silas’ reign of terror ended for good after more than a decade when the lad pushed him onto his electrified chess board, killing him.

Eva O’Hara left the soap unexpectedlyLIME PICTURES

Verity Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) – left

Viewers had no clue Bobby would be responsible for another death in Hollyoaks.

After three years in the village, Verity met a tragic demise in December, 2022, as she was investigating her brother Eric.

The beloved character was attacked at her place of work before being crushed by a bookcase and everybody believed the radical misogynist may be to blame.

Verity somehow mustered up the strength to pull herself out from under the bookcase and walked out onto the village in agony.

She collapsed in her brother Tony’s arms before being rushed to hospital but she unfortunately slipped away in the ambulance.

A flashback later confirmed Bobby was responsible for her death as he knew she’d been trying to build a case against him following Goldie’s request.

CHANNEL 4Verity’s death had a huge impact on the village[/caption]

Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) – left

Many villagers were deeply affected by Verity’s death, the first being her boyfriend Shaq.

The hunk was set on proposing to her after his failed wedding ceremony with Nadira Valli.

For several weeks, Shaq has had to adapt to life in the village without his other half – which turned out to be too much of a challenge for him.

(Video) How Val Kilmer Really Feels About His Top Gun: Maverick Role

In January, 2023, Shaq made the difficult decision to leave Hollyoaks, heartbroken and unable to cope.

Could he come back in the future?

Hunter is back and will certainly look more grown up

Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham) – returning

Theo Graham will be heading back to Chester for his second stint on the soap following in the same footsteps as his on-screen brother, Prince who is played by Malique Thompson-Dwyer.

His return was confirmed in October 2022.

Hunter last appeared on the show in 2018 where viewers saw him leaving with his girlfriend Asha Kaur.

As part of his return plot, Hunter will move into a new shared house which will be central to the show over the next few months.

PAAnnabelle is joining the show[/caption]

Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) – joined

The daughter of Warwick Davis, Annabelle, will be appearing as brand new character Lacey.

Lacey heads to the village for an interview at Dee Valley Law with James Nightingale – but can she impress him?

Lacey will also be moving to the brand new shared house that will see the younger cast band together to help facilitate an abundance of storylines.

Speaking of her housemates…

CHANNEL 4Former Neighbours star Jemma Donovan joined Hollyoaks as newcomer Rayne[/caption]

Rayne (Jemma Donovan) – joined

Lacey will be settling down for a new life in Hollyoaks with her best friend Rayne, portrayed by former Neighbours star Jemma Donovan.

Rayne shakes things up immediately, catching the eyes of brothers Hunter and Prince McQueen – but both have vowed never to let anybody come in between them.

The outgoing influencer moves into a house with Lacey, Nadira Valli, Prince McQueen and Romeo Nightingale.

And on her part, Rayne feels sparks begin to fly with her roomie Romeo.

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However, her turbulent past could stop her from getting into a new relationship.

What is she hiding?

Channel 4Olivia’s wedding day ended in shock[/caption]

Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett) – left

Olivia left the soap in a bombshell episode set on her wedding day.

Her secret of kissing Hunter was finally revealed and caused shockwaves.

It left Olivia’s marriage truly hanging in the balance.

The wedding eventually descended into chaos with Prince calling Olivia out for her vile behaviour.

This prompted a heartbroken Olivia to leave the village altogether.

Could she return?

Lime PicturesVicky Grant is Scott Drinwell’s foster daughter[/caption]

Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) – leaving?

Scott Drinkwell was eager to become a foster father but received quite a challenge when Vicky Grant was sent to him on an emergency placement.

Actress Anya Lawrence made her Hollyoaks debut in May, 2022.

As soon as she arrived, Scott enrolled her at Hollyoaks High School, determined to give the young teen a life she deserved.

But Vicky had a rough time at school, more particularly due to Charlie Dean including her in his “fit list.”

To make matters worse, one month later, Vicky’s manipulative boyfriend Joseph rocked up Hollyoaks, demanding to spend time with her.

Over the festive season, and once Joseph was caught out for Saul Reeves’ death, Vicky began to question her future in Hollyoaks after her mother expressed her wish to reconnect with her.

Sadly, next week’s spoilers have confirmed Vicky’s life will be hanging in the balance after a teen camping trip turns into a nightmare.

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Luke died of his dementia

Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) – left

Luke’s death had been announced by soap bosses with months in advance, forcing fans to make peace with his demise.

Actor Gary Lucy had been a part of the Hollyoaks line-up for more than two decades.

In 2019, two years after one last return to the village, Luke was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

At this point, he had found love in the arms of Cindy Cunningham who continued to stand by him after his diagnosis.

Luke and Cindy became engaged as a result, with the former convinced he had found the love a lifetime.

But amid a heart-breaking storyline – which also involved former EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas for a brief stint as a villain – Luke was killed off during his stag do on June 9, 2022.

Luke was enjoying a trip to Mallorca with his loved ones when his dementia took hold of him and he fell from a cliff.

He passed away from his injuries in hospital, surrounded by friends and family and while teary-eyed fans waved him goodbye.

Luke made a brief appearance following his death in a video shown in July, 2022, but Cindy remains inconsolable.

Lime PicturesLuke’s ex-wife made a return for his funeral[/caption]

Scarlett Morgan (Susie Amy) – guest

Many villagers were impacted by Luke’s tragic passing and attended his funeral for one last goodbye.

But to their shock and Cindy’s horror, his ex-wife Scarlett made an appearance, dressed to the nines and despite not having been invited.

Actress Susie Amy returned to Hollyoaks for the first time in two years in July, 2022, as her character fought with Cindy who kicked her out of the church.

But Scarlett didn’t stay long in the village.

When her son Ollie revealed he’d be moving to Canada by the end of the week, Scarlett offered to move with him but he turned her down.

Scarlett left Chester behind once more – never to be seen again?

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Hollyoaks airs daily on Channel 4.


Who is returning to Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Rayne Royce, played by Jemma Donovan, made her first appearance on 17 January 2023. The character and Donovan's casting details were announced on 12 October 2022. Donovan joins the serial's main cast. Of joining the show, she said: "I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks!

Who has left Hollyoaks this year? ›

LEFT: Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox)

Earlier this year, actor Jaydon confirmed he had left the soap for good in a video posted on the soap's Instagram page. He said: 'I'd like to say thank you to everyone and I'd like to say a special thank you to Jen [Jennifer Metcalfe] for putting up with me for five years.

Who is the new character in Hollyoaks? ›

The platinum-selling singer plays Sharon Bailey, mum of Zoe and daughter of Pearl. She will arrive will arrive as Sharon visits daughter, Zoe, and mother, Pearl, for a Mother's Day special episode. 'I just can't tell you how happy I am to be back at Hollyoaks, Jamelia grinned.

Who is the new girl in Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Played by Neighbours' Jemma Donovan, Rayne is set to shake things up in Chester. As new faces are coming to Hollyoaks in early 2023, no one is set to cause more drama than influencer Rayne Royce.

Who leaves Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Hollyoaks has confirmed a tragic ending for Juliet Nightingale's (Niamh Blackshaw) cancer storyline. The actress, who has played Juliet on the Channel 4 soap for five years, confirmed her departure after Monday's episode.

Who is the new couple in Hollyoaks? ›

Real-life Hollyoaks couple Niamh Blackshaw and Angus Castle-Doughty have shared photos from their romantic Greek holiday on Instagram. The couple confirmed they were dating in January by sharing a sweet black-and-white photo of them posing in front of a Christmas tree.

Who is the longest serving cast member of Hollyoaks? ›

Nicholas Pickard (born 27 May 1975) is an English actor. He is known for his portrayal of Tony Hutchinson in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, a role he has held since its first episode in 1995; he remains the longest-serving cast member and in 2017, won the British Soap Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Is Justin coming back to Hollyoaks? ›

He last appeared on the long-running show 14 years ago, but viewers hoped he would make a comeback after his son Charlie Dean announced he wanted to find his dad. However their dreams were dashed this week after Channel 4 bosses revealed the troubled character would never return to the village.

Why did Vera Chok leave Hollyoaks? ›

Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) made a huge decision about her future in Hollyoaks, resolving to leave the eponymous village for a new life in London.

Who is the girl pregnant from Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks star Jazmine Franks announced she is pregnant with her and partner Danny Potter's baby. The actress took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos of her growing baby bump. "Here's to the biggest adventure yet," she captioned the post. "Summer 2023 is set to be a wild one!

Who is the new Hollyoaks character Beau? ›

Beau Ramsey, played by Jon-Paul Bell, made his first appearance on 20 October 2022.

Is Nancy in Hollyoaks pregnant? ›

While sharing the news of her pregnancy in October, Jessica shared that her Hollyoaks character Nancy's on-screen pregnancy coincided with her previous real-life pregnancy in 2021, which tragically ended prematurely.

Who is the new little girl in Hollyoaks? ›

W arwick Davis' daughter Annabelle has spoken of how thrilled she is to have landed a role in Hollyoaks that was not made for "little people".

Who is the American girl in Hollyoaks? ›

Jennifer Armour (born August 27, 1985, in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American actress and voice artist. She is known for appearing in Ghoul directed by Petr Jákl. In 2022, she began playing Wendy Blissett in the long-running British soap opera Hollyoaks.

Who is the new kid in Hollyoaks? ›

Oscar Curtis will be the fourth person to play the role following Jude Hawley, Reuben Thwaites, and William Hall.

Why is Niamh Blackshaw leaving Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Juliet's exit was confirmed on-screen last month, as doctors told her they had exhausted all treatment options. She had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma earlier this year.

Does Silas come back to Hollyoaks? ›

However, Silas departed for the first time on 4 November 2011. Silas returned on 19 July 2012, as a guest stint. Silas returned again in 2016 as well as making two further returns in 2020 and 2022 with this being his last return as he was killed off in a final showdown with the McQueens.

Is Martin leaving Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks fans will bid goodbye to Kéllé Bryan's character Martine Deveraux later today (June 3). The former Eternal singer joined the soap four years ago, but during her latest panel appearance on Loose Women, Bryan announced she's stepping away from the role.

Is Layla in Hollyoaks pregnant in real life? ›

Congratulations are in order for Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter who has announced she's six months pregnant with her first child. The 29-year-old actress, who plays Leela Lomax on the Channel 4 soap and is engaged to her partner of three years Paul, confirmed the exciting news to OK! magazine.

Who is dating in real life in Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks actors Niamh Blackshaw and Angus Castle Doughty have revealed that they are dating in real life! Niamh, who has played Juliet Nightingale since 2018, took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal a picture of herself alongside Angus, who joined the soap earlier this year.

Who are together in real life in Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks real-life couple Owen Warner and Jemma Donovan make cosy British Soap Awards appearance. A vision in red. Hollyoaks' on and off-screen couple Jemma Donovan and Owen Warner dressed to impress as they attended the British Soap Awards 2023.

Who is the most famous person in Hollyoaks? ›

1. Nathalie Emmanuel. Topping this list had to be Nathalie Emmanuel. Hollyoaks was Emmanuel's first major role where she played Sasha Valentine, Calvin's younger sister.

Who is the best actor in Hollyoaks? ›

In 2022, it was announced that the category had been replaced with the award for Best Leading Performer. The final winner of the award was Hollyoaks actor Gregory Finnegan.

How much do the Hollyoaks cast earn? ›

Because the actors and actresses for the show are paid per episode. A source told the Liverpool ECHO that unlike other soap operas Hollyoaks is the only one to pay the same fee per episode to all its actors. And that fee, the source said, can range from £450 per episode to £2,000.

Is Claire coming back to Hollyoaks? ›

Clare returned to Hollyoaks village shortly after Doctor Browning's return, where he reveals to Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane) that Mercedes has gone missing in Las Vegas.

Why is Chloe leaving Hollyoaks? ›

On 20 May 2022, Mulkerrin confirmed she was leaving Hollyoaks permanently. Mulkerrin's exit from the show was initially reported to be temporary as she is expecting her second child. Mulkerrin stated that she had enjoyed her eight years with the serial and being part of the McQueen family.

Is Imran leaving Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Hollyoaks has waved goodbye to Imran Maalik, with star Ijaz Rana having confirmed his departure from the show after six years as the popular character.

Why did Max leave Hollyoaks? ›

Max and Steph then announced their engagement. Matt Littler made the decision to leave the show after eleven years. Speaking of his decision to leave, Littler stated, "I feel that I have grown up on Hollyoaks over the past eleven years and I'm not only leaving behind friends but also family.

Has Myra Mcqueen left Hollyoaks? ›

The real-world reason for Myra's departure is that Barber-Lane has decided to trade Hollyoaks for pastures new. On the topic of her decision to leave, she said: 'I loved working at Hollyoaks. I miss everybody, It just feels like home, but I feel like I need to do something different for me.

Has Honor left Hollyoaks for good? ›

Honour has left Hollyoaks, folks," Chok wrote on Twitter before sharing an Instagram video of her saying farewell to the village. "Hi. So I'm leaving," she said in the video (while taking some items from the Chen-Williams house).

Is Grace pregnant in real life Hollyoaks? ›

The actress, who plays Grace Black in the Channel 4 soap, took to Instagram yesterday (June 29) to rubbish the rumours. Posting a screenshot of a headline reading "Is Tamara Wall Pregnant? Grace Black Hollyoaks Weight Gain", Wall responded: "Answer…. No!

Is Liberty from Hollyoaks pregnant in real life? ›

Hollyoaks actress Jessamy Stoddart has just revealed that her and her husband are expecting their first child later this year. The soap star, who plays Liberty Savage on the show, shared their joyous news in a sweet Instagram post.

Why is Nancy in Hollyoaks put on weight? ›

"In a cruel twist of fate, when I got pregnant the second time, the character I play on Hollyoaks was pregnant too. "On Twitter and Instagram I would see comments that I must be pregnant in real life. I looked pregnant almost straight away and I had started to put on weight.

Who is the new McQueen in Hollyoaks? ›

He's back! Hollyoaks spoilers follow. Hollyoaks star Theo Graham is making a surprise return to the show, Digital Spy can exclusively confirm. The actor is reprising his role as Hunter McQueen after four years away from the Channel 4 soap.

Is Eric from Hollyoaks leaving? ›

Unfortunately for Tony, Maxine and Diane, their peace is set to be short-lived as Hollyoaks has confirmed Eric will be making a return. In upcoming scenes Eric's story will intertwine with Juliet Nightingale's cancer storyline, as he makes James Nightingale a tempting offer.

What happens to Vicky in Hollyoaks? ›

Fans of the soap will remember that Vicky left the village back in February and has been living in Manchester after her plans to relocate to Margate with her mum fell through. Speaking to Inside Soap, Lawrence said that Vicky's homecoming isn't going to be smooth sailing as she will get involved with a drug dealer.

What happened to Nancy and Darren's baby? ›

They take a pregnancy test together and discover she is pregnant. Weeks later, after an argument with Darren, Nancy suffers a miscarriage.

Did Charlie and Ella have a baby in Hollyoaks? ›

The teen decided he'd have his revenge on everyone. Once night fell, Charlie returned to the memorial to take out his fury and grief over the loss of his child by destroying the tree Ella had planted.

Who did Charlie get pregnant in Hollyoaks? ›

2006-2007: Conception and Birth. Becca Dean discovered that she was pregnant in May 2006, but was unaware of whether the father was her husband, Jake Dean, or her student, Justin Burton, whom she had been having an affair with.

Who is the autistic girl in Hollyoaks? ›

You may recognise Tylan from Hollyoaks, where they play autistic teenager Brooke Hathaway - making headlines as the first openly autistic actor in a mainstream TV soap.

Who is the blonde woman in Hollyoaks? ›

Tamara Wall
BornTamara Kathleen Wall 23 July 1977 Weybridge, Surrey
Years active1999–present
TelevisionEastEnders Hollyoaks

Whose daughter is Layla in Hollyoaks? ›

Kirsty-Leigh Porter (born 30 December 1988) is an English actress, known for her roles in British soap operas, including portraying Zoe Willson on Coronation Street, Roz Fielding on Emmerdale and Leela Lomax on Hollyoaks.

Who from Hollyoaks is on OnlyFans? ›

Sarah Jayne Dunn 'earns £700,000 from X-rated OnlyFans subscription site' a year after being sacked from her £120,000 Hollyoaks acting job.

Who is the new baddie in Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks villain Norma Crow has proceeded with her latest villainous plot involving son Warren Fox. Earlier this week, Norma started putting a plan in place to flee the village in secret with Warren and the twins after the children's custody was put in limbo.

Who is the big girl in Hollyoaks? ›

Chloe Bruce is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Mikyla Dodd.

Who is Tony's new son in Hollyoaks? ›

Beau Ramsey (formerly Hughes-Ramsey) is the son of Tony Hutchinson and Sarah Ramsey, conceived after a fling during a holiday in Ibiza in September 1996.

Is James Nightingale coming back to Hollyoaks? ›

End of dialog window. Gregory Finnegan has confirmed that James Nightingale will return to Hollyoaks amid speculation from fans as to whether or not we'd see him again.

Is Lisa Hunter back in Hollyoaks? ›

In November 2021, it was announced by Birmingham Mail that Atkinson would be returning to Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks confirmed via social media that the return would be a guest appearance. Her return scenes aired on 16 March 2022.

Will Myra come back to Hollyoaks? ›

Second departure

Following Barber-Lane's decision to leave the show again, Myra was written out in March 2019. Her final storyline sees her relationship with Sally end after Myra cheats on Sally before their wedding.

Who is the new guy Beau in Hollyoaks? ›

Jon-Paul Bell is an actor who has played Beau Ramsey since October 2022.

Is Olivia leaving Hollyoaks? ›

"The 18 months I had playing this role is a time I will treasure forever." Hollyoaks spoilers follow. Hollyoaks' Emily Burnett took to Instagram to address her exit from the soap after playing Olivia Bradshaw for the past 18 months.

Is Mercedes coming out of Hollyoaks? ›

Yep, just when we thought things couldn't get worse for Hollyoaks, it's been revealed that Jennifer Metcalfe who plays the fiesty Mercedes McQueen is leaving the soap.

Is Silas Bobby's grandad? ›

In October 2020, the McQueen family were blackmailed by an initially unknown blackmailer - later revealed to be Bobby's paternal great-grandfather Silas Blissett. When Bobby returned from Alicante in January 2021, Silas collected him from the airport but Mercedes managed to get him back.

Will Silas bring Bonnie back? ›

Bonnie still refuses until Silas creates an illusion of Jeremy dying and asking for help. Bonnie's grief over Jeremy and Grams allows Silas to manipulate Bonnie into agreeing to follow through with his plans. Silas then sends Bonnie to Damon, and they both return to Mystic Falls.

Is Niamh Blackshaw leaving Hollyoaks? ›

Now that Niamh's journey on the show is over, she plans to look out for the next exciting role, while studying part-time at Oxford University. However, one thing she has to fit in is a very final goodbye to her alter-ego; even though she is in two minds about whether to watch the funeral.

Does Sol leave Hollyoaks? ›

Saul was killed in July 2022 after being stabbed by teenager Joseph Holmes during an arrest.

Is Jamila in Hollyoaks? ›

Jamelia has joined the cast of Hollyoaks, it's been announced - after having previously appeared in a guest role on the Channel 4 soap opera two years ago. The singer, 42, is reprising her role as Sharon Bailey, whom she first portrayed in a special episode which aired in 2021.


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