Level 1040: "Forgotten." (2023)

Level 1040: "Forgotten." (1)


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Level 1040: "Forgotten." (3)

Level 1040, known as the current 1041st is a level located within The Backrooms, is an intriguing space that poses many dangers to those who venture in it. Level 1040 is a truly unique and uncomforting level which appears to be a vast, sprawling hallways resembiling hotel rooms, with countless rooms and corridors that seem to stretch on forever. At first glance, it might appear similar to The Limitless Hotel, with its white color scheme and labyrinthine layout, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this level is much more complex and varied then The Limitless Hotel.


Level 1040, also known as "Forgotten" or "Hotel Corridors," resembles a labyrinthine 1960s hotel that extends over ten thousands of kilometers, as it is currently unknown how Level 1040's size truly is due to the layout being random. Architecture is composed of many long, perplexing hallways and numerous segmented chambers linked to one another. The Hotel is described as having a similar design to Level 5 or The Limitless Hotel. For example, the walls are made of soft thick wood and covered in wallpaper that has the same aesthetic of Level 5; the carpet is almost always in perfect condition and appears to have been used most of the time, but it is still very dusty and usually brown, beige, or red with many pattern designs; the ceiling is made of concrete with wallpaper, giving it an ivory hue, and the ceiling lights are fluorescent light fixtures. Despite fluorescent lighting across the majority of the level, there are still some spots that remain dark. Wanderers should avoid certain rooms since entities are likely to be present. Level 1040's darker areas are occasionally broken.

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The atmosphere in Level 1040 is discomforting, to say the least, with the space illuminated by flickering lights that give off a vibe your being watched. The halls are extremely wide, Which makes escaping entities quite easy. Ceiling vents can also be found; they make the level have a little mist.

Level 1040 also shares similarities with Level 0. As the level is random every time a wanderer enters it, The design elements of this level include random doorways, stairways, and hallways that are compact and hazardous to navigate. The architecture of Level 1040 is confusing and nonsensical, as the overall structure is full of anomalies and other oddities, with hallways that lead nowhere but an empty void that can't be accessed, and rooms that seem to overlap and intersect with each other in impossible ways. The rooms on this level appear to be stitched together, with mismatched walls and floors that create a surreal and unsettling atmosphere.The Hotel are often sizable spaces that may be expected to look like various rooms found in typical hotel. However, there have been no reports of rooms ever seen. Level 1040. As rooms can exist in their visible form, they seem red in design, like the hallways;

Many pieces of furniture and other items are arranged and adorned throughout the space; these pieces of furniture and other items date from the 1800s or perhaps much earlier. Many things at this level can also include physically impossible connections. Attempting to interact with the glitched item will result in no clipping out into the Negative Levels—often leading to Level -2. Grandfather clocks, chairs, paintings, and other items in the rooms can also appear in the hallways. There are also bookcases, but the books on them have various strange and disorganized titles. The pages are also entirely transparent and blank, without any text or drawings. There is the theory that, if read for a long enough time, books can take one to The End, yet there is no proof for this.

The residence on Level 1040 appears to be a composite of many hotels sewn together unexpectedly, resulting in numerous segmented rooms and hallways with unclear designs, bizarre architecture with no function, and another building that rises plainly. It also results from doors and hallways that lead nowhere but to walls. Some corridors are also exceedingly small and unsafe to descend since they may lead to dangerous locations. Level 1040 also has a stairway running up that looks identical to the other stairs, and because it repeats, the house appears to have an unlimited number of floors. The downstair will not lead back to the suburban house, but rather to The Basement; otherwise, it will be Level 1040.2 or Level 1041.

Many items are present inside Level 1040, such as flashlights, bottles of Almond Water or Liquid Pain, tins of Energy Drinks, cans of Death Bee Honey, and normal food without anomalous properties. All of them can be stocked in fridges and kitchens around this level. Other objects, such as Motifiers and containers of Seeds Of Rainbows, can be found in other locations. WiFi is available occasionally as well. They are most commonly found inside rooms.

As many wanderers say, this level constantly grows and shrinks, following The Frontrooms. The rooms on Level 1040 all correspond to rooms in The Frontrooms. It appears that when one enters this level, they will start to materialize in the area of the level that corresponds to a hotel they went too.

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The Rooms

Level 1040 has a variety of rooms listed below.

  • The Empty Rooms; the room were almost bare of furniture, with just carpet and red wallpaper. The rooms are vacant and offer a solitary feel. There were a few ornamental objects like paintings and other small things. Few furniture pieces may be present since they are frequently those that are necessary and desired in particular rooms, such as bedrooms where the only piece of furniture is a bed.
  • The Decorative Rooms; the room with a lot of furniture and ornamental stuff scattered everywhere. These items are arranged in such a way that the space appears disorganized, making it difficult for stray individuals to locate a different area. Some rooms may resemble The Messy Rooms, but they will be clean and ordered systematically.
  • The Messy Rooms; the rooms that are primarily damaged and unclean, the furniture and decorative items in the room will be spread out and abandoned, indicating that the room has not been cleaned or organized in a long time. The majority of foods, drinks, and other items expire or are poisonous. Entities are known to lurk in these rooms.


Level 1040 contains a large number of entities, with Death Bees being the most prevalent type. In addition to these, there are also Hounds, Smilers, and Skin-Stealers at this level. Although Insanities may be detected in the house's darker parts, they don't seem hostile towards wanderers.

Colonies & Outposts


As of now, no colonies nor outposts exist within Level 1040, although some rooms have rotting bodies of wanderers, many foods that are rotten and broken furniture around may be found inside the rooms. As of current date, the information about these camps' origin and history remains unknown.

Entrances & Exits


  • A consistent entrance into Level 1040 doesn't exist. One may get here randomly, through Level 1337, Level 1032, The Hub, Level 49 or Level 9.


  • Certain stairways may lead to The Limitless Hotel, Level 999, Level 1040.2, or Level 427.
  • Attempting to interact with the glitched item will result in noclipping out into the Negative Levels.


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