The different levels in the Backrooms game and what makes them so unique. (2023)

The Backrooms gameis a popular horror game that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. It's a game that takes players through an infinite maze of yellow, dimly-lit rooms and hallways that seem to go on forever. But what really makes the Backrooms game so intriguing is the different levels that players can encounter as they navigate through this creepy world. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the different levels in the backrooms game and what makes them so unique.

Before we dive into the different levels, let's briefly discuss the Backrooms game for those who may not be familiar with it. The game is based on a creepy internet meme that originated on the 4chan imageboard in 2019. The meme describes a hypothetical place known as the Backrooms, which is said to be a never-ending maze of bland, yellow rooms and hallways that look like they were taken straight out of an old office building. Players of the game take on the role of someone who has somehow found themselves trapped in the Backrooms and must find their way out.

Now, let's get to the different levels. In the Backrooms game, there are several levels that players can encounter. Each level is unique and has its own set of challenges that players must overcome to progress further into the game.

Level 0 - The Starting Point

The first level of the Backrooms game is Level 0, also known as the starting point. This is where players begin their journey into the maze-like world of the Backrooms. Level 0 is relatively safe compared to the other levels, but it's still unsettling and creepy. The walls and floors are covered in a yellow, stained carpet that seems to go on forever. The lighting is dim and flickering, which adds to the eerie atmosphere. There are no doors or windows in Level 0, so players must find a way to navigate through the maze of rooms and hallways to progress further into the game.

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Level 1 - The Hub

Level 1, also known as the hub, is where things start to get interesting. The hub is a large, open area that connects to the other levels of the Backrooms. It's a central hub where players can rest, gather supplies, and plan their next move. The hub is also home to several dangerous entities that players must avoid, including the Faceless Men and Skin Stealers. The Faceless Men are humanoid entities with no facial features, and the Skin Stealers are creatures that resemble humans but have the ability to peel off their skin and take on the appearance of someone else.

Level 2 - The Warehouse

Level 2, also known as the warehouse, is a large storage area filled with rows of shelves and crates. The lighting in Level 2 is even dimmer than in Level 1, which makes it difficult to see what's lurking in the shadows. Players must be careful not to get lost in the maze of shelves and crates, as there are several dangerous entities that can attack at any moment.

Level 3 - The Offices

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Level 3, also known as the offices, is where players will find themselves in a maze of cubicles and offices. The lighting in Level 3 is slightly brighter than in previous levels, but the atmosphere is still unsettling. Players must navigate through the maze of cubicles and offices to find important items and clues that will help them progress further into the game.

Level 4 - The Sewers

Level 4, also known as the sewers, is where players will find themselves wading through murky, waist-high water. The sewers are home to several dangerous entities, including the Wetheads and the Sewer Crawlers. The Wetheads are humanoid entities with bald, wet heads, and the Sewer

Crawlers are creatures that resemble spiders and can crawl on walls and ceilings. Players must be careful not to get caught in the water, as there are many hazards and obstacles that can hinder their progress.

Level 5 - The Forest

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Level 5, also known as the forest, is a dense forest that players must navigate through to progress further into the game. The trees are tall and dense, making it difficult to see what's lurking in the shadows. The forest is home to several dangerous entities, including the Smilers and the Treeheads. The Smilers are humanoid entities with unnaturally wide grins, and the Treeheads are creatures that resemble trees but can move and attack players.

Level 6 - The Basement

Level 6, also known as the basement, is where players will find themselves in a dark, cramped space filled with pipes and machinery. The lighting in Level 6 is almost non-existent, which makes it difficult to see what's lurking in the shadows. Players must navigate through the maze of pipes and machinery to find important items and clues that will help them progress further into the game.

Level 7 - The Hospital

Level 7, also known as the hospital, is where players will find themselves in a hospital-like setting. The lighting in Level 7 is slightly brighter than in previous levels, but the atmosphere is still unsettling. Players must navigate through the maze of rooms and hallways to find important items and clues that will help them progress further into the game. The hospital is home to several dangerous entities, including the Doctors and the Nurses. The Doctors are humanoid entities that resemble doctors but have twisted and distorted features, while the Nurses are humanoid entities that resemble nurses but have a more sinister appearance.

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Level 8 - The Subway

Level 8, also known as the subway, is where players will find themselves navigating through a dark, abandoned subway system. The subway is home to several dangerous entities, including the Track Walkers and the Tunnel Dwellers. The Track Walkers are humanoid entities that walk along the tracks, while the Tunnel Dwellers are creatures that resemble rats but are much larger and more dangerous.

Level 9 - The Desert

Level 9, also known as the desert, is a vast, empty desert that players must navigate through to progress further into the game. The heat is unbearable, and the sand is constantly shifting, making it difficult to see what's ahead. The desert is home to several dangerous entities, including the Sandstorms and the Sandmen. The Sandstorms are entities that resemble dust clouds, while the Sandmen are humanoid entities that are covered in sand and can blend in with their surroundings.

Level 10 - The End

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The final level of the Backrooms game is Level 10, also known as the end. This level is where players will face the final boss and complete the game. The final boss is a mysterious entity known as The Entity, which is said to be the creator of the Backrooms. The Entity is a powerful being that can control reality itself, and players must defeat it to complete the game.

In conclusion, the Backrooms game is a creepy and unsettling experience that takes players on a journey through a maze-like world filled with dangerous entities and mysterious locations. Each level presents its own unique challenges and hazards, making it a thrilling experience for players who enjoy horror and survival games. The Backrooms game is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to explore its depths, it offers a truly unforgettable experience.


What is level 666 in the Backrooms? ›

Level 666 is the 667th level of the Backrooms. The first known photo of Level 666, and quite possibly one of the oldest photographs to be taken inside the Backrooms. The photo was discovered next to a severely damaged wooden box camera by a wanderer. The photograph is assumed to have originated in the 1890s.

What are the different levels of the Backrooms? ›

Normal Levels List:
  • Level 0 - "Tutorial Level"
  • Level 1 - "Habitable Zone"
  • Level 2 - "Pipe Dreams" (This article is under rewrite)
  • Level 3 - "Electrical Station"
  • Level 4 - "Abandoned Office" (This article is under rewrite)
  • Level 5 - "Terror Hotel"
  • Level 6 - "Lights Out"
  • Level 7 - "Thalassophobia"

What makes a good backrooms level? ›

Generally speaking, your level should follow the vibe or “feeling” of the Backrooms. Most levels follow the vague guidelines of being oddly familiar or nostalgic. However some of them break the mold in fresh, new ways - which can make for a memorable read.

What is level 69 in the Backrooms? ›

Level 69 is the 70th Level of the Backrooms: A deserted, infinite highway shrouded in thick fog and pitch darkness. Anyone that finds their way into this level must stay in the car they began in or perish.

How to escape level 9223372036854775807 of the Backrooms? ›

To escape you have to go up and look at the numbers of each floor, if the number is 94 or an infinity symbol, jump down in the middle of the staircase to be transported to Level 94.

What is level 777 in the Backrooms? ›

Level 777 consists of a street, which is lined all around with casinos. The street itself is rather short, only being 14 kilometers. Buildings line the sides and mark the ends of the street. There are no alleyways, and any attempts to climb over the buildings to access the other side have all failed.

What level is level fun? ›

Level Fun is an Enigmatic level found within the Backrooms. It was updated in Pre-alpha V0. 22 The level contains four sections, the main section, the tan section, the grey section, and the black section, which can be accessed through holes in the walls. There is also a Portal Room that is inaccessible.

Is the Backrooms an SCP? ›

ABC News and Le Monde grouped the Backrooms into an "emerging genre of collaborative online horror" which also includes the SCP Foundation.

Is level 18 safe backrooms? ›

There is no harm posed in this, and the Level provides all materials required for survival. The Level itself has no threats around and is known to "enjoy" company. On Level 18, a rare Entity can be found, which helps guide wanderers throughout the floor.

What is level 3999 of the Backrooms? ›

Level 3999 is a seemingly infinite neon arcade that has an appearance and layout resembling most of the arcades present in the Frontrooms, such as food courts and play areas.

Is backrooms level 100 safe? ›

Level 100 is known for it's safety and Frontrooms-like nature; despite the presence of 2 entities on this Level, both of them posing little to no threat to usual wanderers. Although sustaining an outpost is very hard on this Level, larger organisations have managed to establish a facility.

What level is unsafe backrooms? ›

Level 6 is largely regarded as one of the most dangerous early levels in the Backrooms.

What level is the poolrooms? ›

Level 37, simply known as The Poolrooms, or Sublimity, is the 8th level of Escape the Backrooms.

What is level 353 in the Backrooms? ›

Level 353, also known as Nyctophobia, is classified as the 354th level in the Backrooms. It resembles an rice field, a vast expanse of flooded land stretching out infinitely as the eye can see. The rice paddies themselves are arranged in a grid-like pattern, with narrow paths of raised earth separating them.

What are the frontrooms? ›

The Frontrooms, also known as The Universe, is the juxtaposition of the Backrooms; it is a dimension parallel to the Backrooms. Like the Backrooms, the Frontrooms is/are a dimension of infinite size divided into an infinite2 amount of distinct regions, called Galaxies.

What is level 183 of the Backrooms? ›

Level 183, also known as “Clean Sewers“ by the I.R.H.B., is a very large and abnormally clean sewer gallery entirely covered by pool tiles. It is partially submerged by the entity Not Water, and is its most common habitat. Not Water is very similar to clean, fresh water, and is the only liquid found in Level 183.

What is level 790 of the Backrooms? ›

Level 790 is a town covered in snow that replenishes daily in the form of a snowstorm. While the houses themselves present an older style of British stone brick architecture, they have all fitted with modern features and appliances. Examples being doubled glazed windows, central heating, water and electricity.

What is Entity 666? ›

Entity 666, otherwise known as "The Death Locomotive", is a substantially treacherous entity possessing the appearance of a standard American electrical locomotive measuring approximately 50 kilometers in length.

What is level 999 of the Backrooms? ›

Facelings are the only entities that can be occasionally found in Level 999. They are usually seen on Ferris wheels or other rides but are rarely seen riding roller coasters.

What is level -- 333 -- Backrooms? ›

Description: Level 333 appears to be a plain white room with a smaller version of the room placed upon a stand in the center. This miniature appears to be a model of the room. Wanderers will see themselves and anything else within the room as smaller versions within the mini room.

Is level fun safe? ›

Level Fun =) is a safe place with red carpets and yellow walls, decorated with benches, tables with balloons that can spawn boxes and boxes, and a variety of cartoons painted on the walls. Level Fun =) has no hostile threat. Boxes are uncommon throughout the level.

How do you escape level 0? ›

Exiting Level 0 is only possible by noclipping, which will always result in entry to Level 1.

What are the 4 levels in games? ›

There are four engagement levels that you should know: passive, limited, moderate, and simulation. These levels are based on game and multimedia design and can help guide the overall development of a course.

Can SCPs be killed? ›

With the exception of SCP-966, SCPs cannot be killed and can only be re-contained by luring them into their containment chamber, except for SCP-008 and SCP-409 Infected personnel.

Is there an SCP 69? ›

SCP-069 is a presumed humanoid entity of variable appearance and gender. Through an unknown ability, whenever SCP-069 is left alone with a recently deceased human body, the body will disappear and SCP-069 will take on the appearance, mannerisms, and knowledge of the recently dead individual.

Is the backroom a universe? ›

Former Frontrooms scientists theorize that the Backrooms is an alternate universe that had collided with the real universe, resulting in the two becoming interconnected and hence why travel is possible between the two.

Is level 3999 backrooms safe? ›

Level 3999-B is often said to evoke a feeling of security and comfort in wanders. It has been noted more than once that meteorites have rained down from the ceiling, at sporadic times. However, no damage to the level or any person has ever been recorded.

Is level 33 safe backrooms? ›

This substance is referred to as a "Level -33 compound." Even though there is a water purifier in the pool, but Level -33 compound will keep the water clean all the time. If the water contains any dirt, the Level -33 compound will turn the dirt into water. The water is safe to consume and has no harmful effects.

How safe is level 150 in backrooms? ›

Level 150, also known as The Infinite Garden, certainly isn't safe, especially if you have mental disorders such as anxiety, psychosis, or delirium. People with pollen allergy also don't stay in this level for too long, obviously.

Is there a level 1000 in the Backrooms? ›

Home of a near forgotten colony, It is by far one of the safest levels in the entire backrooms due to the progress that they have done. Level 1000 takes place in a giant campground.

What is level 5000 of the Backrooms? ›

Level 5000 looks like a city with 4 islands connecting. This level completely gets rid of your sanity making the only thing that harms you the entities. Each of the islands each have a different effect on you or have a different amount oentitint.

What is level 974? ›

Level 974 is an expansive sky consisting of an undetermined, conceivably infinite amount of floating islands scattered around the sky. Each island bears a multitude of towns possessing a variety of sizes and structures; ranging from a single lonely house to an extensive town that stretches on for thousands of miles.

Who created backrooms? ›

Backrooms is an online video series created by Kane Pixels, which is based on the online myth of the same name. It revolves around a place known as "The Backrooms", a complex of long hallways, rooms, and strange anomalies. The first video released on January 7, 2022 and the series has been going since.

Is Level 6 backroom safe? ›

It is believed Level 6 may be able to influence one's perception of reality, resulting in symptoms of paranoia and derealization. Despite possessing no known tangible threats, Level 6 is regarded as being one of the most dangerous levels in the Backrooms because of its sheer darkness.

Is level 31 backrooms safe? ›

The roller rink section is the largest and safest part, although this level is still generally safe, the only entities being Hounds, Facelings, and the entity native to this level known as “the Coach”.

What is class ψ backrooms? ›

Class Ψ levels are levels whose main danger are mental hazards. Staying in these levels for too long is guaranteed to result in one falling victim to the Insanity cycle.

What is wrong with level 27 backrooms? ›

The walls of the cave have been determined to be limestone. Despite the natural warm temperatures of the water and the humid air, there is absolutely no vegetation or even living beings of any kind anywhere in Level 27. The level is even devoid of bacterial organisms.

Is level 974 backrooms safe? ›

Plumbing and electricity function normally in Level 974, and there is a decent Wi-Fi connection as well. These amenities have all been proven safe to use, and Wanderers are encouraged to use them while in the Level, as they may not encounter another safe spot for awhile.

What's the highest Backrooms level? ›

Level 444: "Theatre Grandiose" | Backrooms Wiki | Fandom.

What is the deadliest Backrooms level? ›

Level 6 is largely regarded as one of the most dangerous early levels in the Backrooms. However, investigations have shown that as of now, no entities have been found on this level. Despite this, few people seem to leave Level 6. The reason for this is unknown.

What is the scariest backrooms entity? ›

Entity 3, known as The Smiler is by far the most terrifying entity in Inside The Backrooms. Not only do these creatures have a sinister look, but the way they appear and lurk around every corner makes their presence that much more terrifying.

Who created the Backrooms? ›

Backrooms is an online video series created by Kane Pixels, which is based on the online myth of the same name. It revolves around a place known as "The Backrooms", a complex of long hallways, rooms, and strange anomalies. The first video released on January 7, 2022 and the series has been going since.

What is a backroom dream? ›

Ending up in The Backrooms is said to be the fate of those who accidentally 'noclip' through reality and into another dimension - a dimension that takes the form of an strangely empty, seemingly infinite maze of offices.


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